Welcome to the Forest Hills Homeowners website - the place for the most current information about our community.  Our community is in Arlington, Texas and is conveniently located between Dallas and Fort Worth and only minutes away from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  We have an active Homeowners Association with a variety of volunteer committees that help make Forest Hills a great place to live.  If you are considering making Forest Hills your new home, you can browse the public access areas of the site to learn about us, our by-laws and various community links to help you learn about the area. 
"Non-members” continue to use the park amenities creating unsafe confrontations with our FHHOA members.
Please CALL 911 immediately if a confrontation should erupt. Sharing of access entries with non-members will not be tolerated. Arlington Police have been notified.
If necessary, the basketball goals will be removed again.
Access codes will be changed periodically and only disclosed through the website. Any member sharing private access codes will be subject to loss of privileges, fines, and prosecution for any damage and/for encouraging and inciting criminal activity.
Our amenities are PRIVATE. Use by non-members is Criminal Trespassing. Use of the amenities must be reserved through the FHHOA website by an FHHOA member, and the member must be with their guest At All Times.
Complete identification is required including, name, address, and picture ID. A copy of the reservation will now also be required for identification purposes. Security will verify ID and address.
Forest Hills Board of Directors & Officers
Please read the attached file regarding the FHHOA covenants. Joe Bruner
FHHOA Security Patrol Deep Sentinel Security  833-983-6006
Don't forget to help prevent theft, get a Locking Mail Box - 817-798-0370
Alert!! Door-to-Door Sales People are Prohibited 
Please see attached link Door-to-door salespeople  
Joe Bruner
President, Forest Hills HOA 
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